The Three Soldiers Monument - Washington DC
The Three Soldiers Monument - Washington DC

A Salute to the Veterans from the Class of 1967.
 Thank you for your service!

David Alford, USMC
Wendell Baggett, US Army Reserve

Faustino Balboa, USMC
Lalo Bayarena, US Army
Doug Bennett, US Army
Jesse Bitoni, USAF '69-'90
Steve Boyd, US Army '68 - '71

Armando Brambila, US Army '68-'70
Mike Carlyon, US Army '70-'72
James Michael Chase, US Army
Douglas Chaves, US Army - 112th MI Group '68-'71
Richard Childress III, USAF Security Service '77-'98
Miles A. Compton, III, USMC
Darrell Crump, US Army
Edwin P. Danford, US Army
David Davila, USMC
David De La Cruz, USMC
Castulo Delgado, USMC
Kelly Dyer, US Army Reserve
Charles Eckel, US Navy
Jim Eller, USMC '67-'71
Terry Fontaine, US Army Reserve
Jeff (Pecos) Freeman USMC
Lloyd Gaddis, US Army
Paul M. Garcia, USMC
Walter R.(Rick) Gibson US Navy
Lloyd Goad, US Air Force

Jay Heidecker, US Army/US Air Force
Gary Holland, National Guard
Edward "Paddy" Hudson, US Navy
Daniel B. Jackson, Jr., USMC
Louis H. Kieschnick, Jr., 82nd Airborne '68-70
Charles Lamkin, US Army '68-70
David Alan Lawler US Air Force '68-72
Arnold Leal, USMC
Arthur Lemos, US Army '69-71
Eddie Martin, Ntl. Guard US Army Reserve
*Steve McNaught, US Air Force
Erasmo Mendieta, USMC  '68-'70
Mike Mitchell, US Air Force
Roy Molina US Army
Orrin Moody, National Guard
Ted Morris US Navy
Jerry Moses, USN
Paul Murphy, National Guard
Tom Noyes, US Army '70-'73
David Pena, US Army

Guadalupe Pineda, USMC
William Rackley US Navy
Gary Rapier, US Army Reserve
Chuck Russell, US Airforce (Retired)
Candelario Saenz. US Army
Paul Smith, US Army
Edward Sosa, National Guard
Steve Stephenson, US Navy
Gary Thompson, US Navy
Cosme Trejo, US Navy
Richard Valent, USMC
Biljo Vandever USMC
Wayne Vann, US Army
Joe Vollmer, US Army Reserve
Cage Wavell, US Air Force
*Gary Wolfinbarger, US Air Force
Michael Woodcock, US Army

We would like to honor all the veterans of the class of 1967.  Please submit your name or the names of other veterans in the class to along with branch of service.